Integrity Pact Policy


Integrity Pact Policy

HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd. [HITES] is committed to provide the most ethical and corruption free business environment. HITES values its relationships with all counterparts and deals with them in fair and transparent manner. The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has been promoting Integrity, transparency, equity and competitiveness in all transactions of corporate entity. HITES has taken steps to publish the procurements and tenders in websites, clearly defining the conditions of tenders, for vide dissemination of information. In this respect, CVC has proposed Integrity pact as a vigilance tool, conceptualized and promoted by Transparency International and has provided basic guidelines.

To ensure that all activities and transactions between the company and their suppliers and contractors are dealt in a fair, transparent and corruption-free manner, HITES wants to implement the Integrity Pact Policy in respect of all contracts of the value exceeding the threshold limit mentioned in the Policy. As a part of this initiative, HITES will in consultation with Central Vigilance Commissioner, appoint external Independent Monitors who will help HITES in implementing the Integrity Pact Policy. The Integrity Pact would be signed by bidder(s) who respond to the tenders published by HITES at the pre-tendering stage itself, and will form part of the tender document. A pre-signed Integrity Pact by the buyer would form part of the tender document. The bidder(s) would sign the Pact and submit it along with the financial and technical bids.

Implementation  Guidelines

The threshold value for the contracts to be covered through Integrity Pact has been decided to cover all significant transactions or contracts commensurate with the size and business operations of the company. Apart from all high value contracts, those contract involving complicated or serious issues are brought within the ambit of Integrity Pact, after a considered decision of the management.

Integrity Pact Policy will apply to all transactions / contracts mentioned below.

Sl.No. Transaction Threshold value (Rs. Lakh)
1 Contracts /Work orders / Purchase Orders of Capital nature 5000.00
2 Contracts /Work orders / Purchase Orders of Revenue nature 5000.00

Independent External Monitor [IEM]

HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd has appointed Shri A.K.Arora, Ex-DG, Indian Defense Service of Engineers as IEM   for a period of three years w.e.f 01.04.2018.

Contact details

Shri A.K.Arora

Independent External Monitor


Mobile: +91 8130588577

Residence Address:

B-333, Chittaranjan Park

New Delhi – 110019

Tel: 011 26273406